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Product Comparison
Enter a part number from another vendor and let us suggest a product for you. Please remove spaces, dashes, and other special characters from the vendor's part number. Service Availability.
The names shown in the column titled "Company" are the copyrighted property of those companies.
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The Carr Lane item meets all published dimensions and specifications of the other company's item.
Functionally Equivalent
The Carr Lane item can usually be used in place of the other company's item with equivalent results. Differences between the two items are noted.

AVAILABLE AS A SPECIAL Carr Lane can produce the other company's item as a special. Please contact us for a quotation. Differences, if any, will be noted on our quotation.
NO DIRECT CONVERSION Carr Lane has no equivalent to the other company's item, but we do have items available in our catalog that could be used as a good substitute in some applications.
NOT AVAILABLE This item is not within the scope of our product line.

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